The Apostle Project

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The Apostle Project

A Mitu Collaboration

Can faith be questioned? Can memory be contradicted? Can fear be suppressed?

At the birth of any political or spiritual movement, a leader arises to guide, fuel and inspire its followers. But when this leader falls, it is the followers that are left with the shambles of thoughts, ideas, promises and hopes—they are left to question what has truly been left behind.

At a pivotal time in our own country’s leadership, The Apostle Project explores these questions. It examines how fear, memory, hope and faith propel the choosing and following of a leader.

Amidst an impactful visual landscape, athletic staging and live music, Mitu engenders an emotional narrative that brings voices and images of faith-followers from throughout history and holds them accountable for our own future.

Presented at New York Theatre Workshop’s 4th Street Theatre

83 East Fourth Street (Between 2nd Avenue and Bowery)

For more info click here.

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