My friend Maia Marinelli sent me this update on some work she has opening in Genoa. She has done some pretty interesting interactive collaborative stuff. I actually can’t tell if this is going to only be happening in Genoa or if it will be happening on the Web. Anybody? Maia you want to send me more info?

Here’s what I got:

June 4th of is the opening of the “SoundScaper” project at the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce in Genoa Italy.

The Soundscaper uses performers and GPS-enabled phones to create a sonic composition transforming the grid of Manhattan into the staff paper of a musical composition.

Based on a set of instructions, four performers record city sounds throughout a walk starting from the southern end of Manhattan to the northern end of the island. Performers are equipped with a GPS-enabled mobile phone and a small microphone., which allows them to record as many interesting “sounds”, or “notes”, of their environment. Through the mobile phone interface, the “notes” are uploaded to a database as waypoints, which are geo-tagged with latitude and longitude, and accessed from a web interface. The resulting composition can be played at any speed and in any direction.

Due to the nature of the dynamics of New York, city sounds are constantly mutating based upon location and time, which constitute the core of The Soundscaper project. By interacting with the New York City landscape, The Soundscaper reveals the particular poetry

Project By: Maia Marinelli, Jared Lamenzo, Kuan Huang and Mohit SantRam. Web development Diego Balduccio.

Produced By : Mediated Spaces

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