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Sharing the Journey: Kirstin Huber’s WRETCHED SCRAPBOOK

You wouldn’t know that the woman dancing (meditatively, joyfully) in the corner had spent much of the last two years struggling just to walk. You wouldn’t know that she’d undergone a pair of painful and frightening surgeries that left her scarred and upended her life.

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This weekend – I’m not sure when the show starts, maybe Thursday – when you’re not at PRELUDE (and you should pretty much be there every day) – but when you’re not – go to PS122 to go see Verdensteatret’s LOUDER. I was blown away

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PS122: “The Passion Project”

Photo by Paula Court. A ten-by-ten-foot cube in the middle of a dark room acts as the stage for Reid Farrington’s The Passion Project, a half hour long installation which will run through September 20 at PS122. The cube is defined by hanging ropes (these

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My weekend.

Hello all! First of all, my apologies to Andy who seems to have really missed his writers. I was gone from New York and from the country, with often limited internet access and even more limited access to theater, dance and music events. In any

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My friend Maia Marinelli sent me this update on some work she has opening in Genoa. She has done some pretty interesting interactive collaborative stuff. I actually can’t tell if this is going to only be happening in Genoa or if it will be happening

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Byrne Installation Opens Saturday

Playing the Building: An Installation by David Byrne Opens to the public Saturday, May 31, 12 to 6pm Opening celebration: 6 to 8 pm This 9,000-square-foot sound installation will be free and open to the public-Come and play it! Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12