This weekend – I’m not sure when the show starts, maybe Thursday – when you’re not at PRELUDE (and you should pretty much be there every day) – but when you’re not – go to PS122 to go see Verdensteatret’s LOUDER. I was blown away when they did CONCERT FOR GREENLAND back in ’05. This stuff is really unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  I think I wrote about LOUDER here before – I went to go see it in Philly. And it’ll be in Troy at EMPAC next week. But if you’re in NYC go see it at PS122.

Basically its this collective of crazy Norwegians who go to places and then return to Norway and make spectacular multimedia environments. LOUDER Is about their trip to Vietnam. It has a huge robot spider sculpture, abstract mosquito puppets on wires, shadow puppetry, synthesized theremins, computer effects, projections, dozens of speakers scattered around the stage and more. There’s nothing to “get” – you just sit back (or forward) and trip out on all crazy stuff. It is raucous and meditative, ponderous and funny, surreal and ethereal and gritty, rural and urban.

Culturebot doesn’t advocate drug use but for those of you that are already so inclined, getting ferociously stoned for the show might be fun.

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