Sexy Motherf*ckers

Coming up at PS122 next week, Peter Petralia and Neal Medlyn! (not together, silly!)

Peter’s project is


Written and Directed by Peter S. Petralia

Performed by Alice Booth, Gillian Lees, and Andrew Westerside

Music and Sound Design by Philip Reeder

Lighting by Rebecca M.K. Makus

WHISPER is a visually decadent, aurally immersive performance that asks the audience to question ‘what is real’ in a world of increasing technological sophistication. Each audience member is given a set of headphones through which they hear the voices of three live performers narrating a fictional walk through a fictional city. Obscured behind a cinematic screen, the performers are seen as shadows, silhouettes or in stark clarity, creating a fully immersive sound environment to accompany their narration.

July 9th-13th

PS122 | 150 First Ave. at E. 9th St

Wednesday- Saturday at 8:00 pm | Sunday at 7:00 pm

$15 (students/seniors) | $10 (PS 122 members)

Buy Online or at 212-352-3101

And Neal’s show is:


Neal Medlyn’s fourth and largest to date pop song tragic-comedic extravaganza. Following the success of his Lionel Richie Opera, R. Kelly cabaret, and wild and bloody spin on Phil Collins, Medlyn takes on the purple, hyper-sexualized world of Prince.

July 9 – 20

Wednesdays – Sundays at 8

Additional Late Shows on Saturdays at 11

Opening Night Party Wednesday, July 9

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