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From our pal Tamar Rogoff:

I have curated a Solar One event that is completely out of the ordinary. In a big leap of faith, I invited 3 choreographers to test their mettle in an experiment in improvisation. Marlies Yearby, Patricia Hoffbauer and Dan Safer have all made their formidable reputations on their very particular styles. If you’re a dancegoer, then you’ve seen Pat at DTW, Dan most recently at the Ontological Theater and for those mainstream theatergoers, Marlies’ choreography on Broadway in as well as at the American Dance Festival. But on Thursday, July 10 at 6pm, they will arrive at our open-air stage with performers they have invited to join them. We the audience plus the performers themselves know nothing of their plans and will all be informed by the three choreographers right on the spot of what will transpire in three 15 minute sets. This is why I work as Artistic Director at Solar One—I get to push a green agenda (the performance is solar powered) and make intimate, audience-accessible work happen. You, our audience, most importantly, provide the excitement and energy — the in-the-moment reactions that make the art of improvisation come alive.

If you’ve never been to Stuyvesant Cove Park, it’s gorgeous. Bring a picnic and come early, stay late and party with us afterwards. Water and drinks will be sold.

In the Air and Now: A Solar-Powered Dance Improvisation Performance at Solar One

July 10, 2008 at 6pm

Free and kid-friendly

At Solar One

23rd St and the East River

(212) 505-6050

6 train to 23rd St, east via B23 bus or foot to Ave C, cross under the FDR Drive and walk south to Solar 1; L(train) to First Ave, walk north to 20th St, then east to Ave C, cross under the FDR Drive and continue north through Stuyvesant Cove Park to Solar 1

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