Cool Stuff at The Chocolate Factory

The World Premiere of 1965UU by Mac Wellman, starring Paul Lazar, directed by Stephen Mellor

September 11 – October 4, Thurs-Sat @ 8pm $15

More than two years in development, 1965UU is a solo performance written by Mac Wellman (winner of numerous Obie awards, recent plays include Bitter Bierce at PS122, Jennie Richee with Ridge Theater, and Antigone with Big Dance Theater) adapted from his own group of short stories about the imaginary histories of real world asteroids (Wellman obtained a list of all the named little worlds). 1965UU was written expressly for performer Paul Lazar (of Big Dance Theater) and director Stephen Mellor (frequent Mac Wellman collaborator, received his first Obie Award in 1990 for his performance of Wellman’s Terminal Hip, and his 2nd in 2003 for Wellman’s Bitter Bierce). Additional performances by Heather Christian, Ed Jewett, Daniel Manley, and Kate Marks. Set and Lighting Design by Kyle Chepulis. Sound by John Kilgore. Stage Management by Julie Rossman.

The Chocolate Factory

5-49 49th Avenue

L.I.C., NY 11101

(718) 482-7069

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