The Return of Les Freres Corbusier

LES FRERES is back and ready to kick your ass! And its not just because I was in HELL HOUSE – it’s because they’re one of my fave companies – irreverent, intelligent and lots ‘o fun. The company that created Hell House, Boozy, Heddatron, and A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant returns with a kick-ass slate of new subversive entertainment primed to further accelerate our nation’s decline.

Details of upcoming LES FRERES projects after the jump.

This December, we transform Soho’s Ohio Theatre into a fully immersive, bombed-out discotheque as we fuse unmerciful Japanese rave music with deeply regrettable sophomoric comedy in the futuristic dance spectacular, Dance Dance Revolution.

 In a futuristic Orwellian society where dancing is illegal, a group of local street toughs harbor no hope of overthrowing the fascist no-fun government—until a mysterious dance prophet named Moonbeam Funk arrives.

Loosely based on the wildly-popular video game, Dance Dance Revolution is like Footloose set in the future—but kind of scarier, and with 40 really attractive, barely-clothed young actors and buckets of free beer.

You know there’s gonna be some dance-fightin’…

See Les Freres at Joe’s Pub!

In honor of the agita-inducing upcoming election, a concert reading of Les Freres’ new musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson will be presented on Monday, October 13th at 9.00pm at Joe’s Pub. Jackson is a fast-paced, irreverent Wild West rock spectacular about the founding of the Democratic Party. It’s got populism, emo rock, and lots of dead Indians.

Come celebrate Obama and McCain in ’08 with the story of America’s first populist maverick.

Center Theatre Group, LA’s premiere theater company, has once again shown the exceptional good taste to bring the Les Freres aesthetic out West. This coming June (as in ’09), they will produce the West Coast Premiere of the LFC chestnut, Heddatron, by the whip-smart Liz Meriwether.

This insane show pits six live, hulking, near-sentient robots against Ibsen, Strindberg, and a surprisingly-heartbreaking modern-day Hedda Gabler story.

Ben Brantley of The New York Times called Heddatron:

“Strangely moving… Magical… The wild side of theater where audiences’ hearts are mended by the ritualistic breaking of them on stage… Achieves true, and truly original, theatrical transcendence…”


Two more on the horizon!

You won’t have to wait two more years for the next Les Freres show. In addition to the triumphant New York debut of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson in 2009, two very unique projects are being actively developed, one about America’s most incompetent mayors and another on Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression.
Both mix Les Freres’ ruthless desecration of America’s greatest historical icons, its ill-advised obsession with puerile humor, its more well-advised cultivation of cutting-edge live music, and a feverish inundation of academic esoterica—topped off with two cutting-edge conceptual takes sure to terrify the representatives at Actor’s Equity.

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