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AndrewAndrew reviews Waves of Mu on YouTube:

I saw the show last weekend and even though I was sniffly I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think it was only the second performance, so it was a little loose. That being said, I’ve been following the progress of the show for the past, um, three years(?!) as Amy started with just an idea and built it into this crazy two-room installation/interactive performance thingie.  I have been meaning to write about it, but have just been superbusy. The short of it is – and I don’t want to give too much away – but inasmuch as the show is “about” anything it is about Mirror Neurons and how the human brain processes action and behavior. And if the show can seem kind of disorienting at times, it is because Caron is, basically, putting the audience through a series of experiments in stimulating the brain – from excitement, to calmness, to fear, to laughter – in a very presentational way.  

It is funny that people talk about Ann Liv Young challenging the audience/performer contract when she is really just yelling at you. Waves of Mu actually does challenge that contract in interesting ways. Sometimes it feels a little bit like a science fair exhibit – like I said, I saw it on opening night or maybe the night after and it seemed a little loose and ramble-y. But I imagine it has gotten more focused and tighter.  And it is definitely more interesting than a lecture!

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