Phew! What a week!

Okay so a quick wrap-up of the week that was:

Monday – Columbus Day, I have no idea what I did. No idea. Worked.

Tuesday – ETHEL’s Truck Stop at BAM – pretty good. Not amazing, but enjoyable.

Wednesday – WOYZECK at BAM – eh. good music, fun staging. they lost the story though. the one at St. Ann’s Warehouse was better. then I ran home to watch the debate!

Thursday – Saw some work-in-progress by Ralph Lemon and Okwui Okpokwasili at Danspace Project. Very cool – always love to watch Okwui – and it was nice to see a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen in a while.

Friday – Jo Stromgren at Abrons (too busy to write a full review. I liked the show. Not as much as some of his other work, but i enjoyed it) and then dropped by the 3LD party briefly. It looked like a good time but I was too tired to stay long. anybody stay all night?

Saturday – went to a work-in-progress showing a new project by Phil Soltanoff called i/o at the chashama space on 57th St. and 12th avenue. that was fun – crazy sound design and digital manipulation with choreography and general artsy weirdness. immersive and entertaining. I had to leave early though, so I hope to see it in its next iteration. Then I ran down to Soho Rep to see BLASTED which was good. My first Sarah Kane experience. Now I have to go read all the other reviews and see what others have said. I enjoyed the show – it was well-acted and directed, there were a number of really gripping moments. And from a technical perspective it was stunning. The set, lighting, sound design, the special effects, props, make-up – I mean it really set the bar high for what can happen Off-Off Broadway. But maybe I heard too much about it beforehand, because it didn’t seem quite as brutal and horrifying as people had made it out to be. Which isn’t to say it wasn’t powerful – just that I was ready to be in a state of sheer terror and abject shock. Unlikely, I know.

Sunday – I got up early(ish) and headed out to Montclair to see Dumb Type. I had heard mixed things about the show from folks who had seen it at EMPAC but I enjoyed it. It wasn’t mind-blowing but it was immersive and hypnotic – you could kind of just turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. Then I came into the city to see the opening night of Terranova Collective’s new show at the DR2, Blue Before Morning, which opens Wednesday.

and a quick glance at the week ahead:

Monday & Tuesday – more or less open. I feel like there’s stuff I’m supposed to see, but I can’t remember what.

Wednesday is a triple-car pile-up – Perverted By Theater opening, Steve Reich Evening at BAM and the Dixon Place Toast & Jam party. Phew!

Thursday – work in progress showing of a new show then over to the EV for Crawl, Fade To White. at 11PM I’m going to go to this:

twenty years of blowing your mind

twenty years of blowing your mind

I haven’t seen Sky Cries Mary since I lived in Seattle! I’m totally stoked.

Friday is currently open(ish)

Saturday afternoon is the Debate Society Chili Cook-Off! followed by my birthday party that night at IRT (9PM) (BRING ME PRESENTS!!! OR SEND THEM TO ME!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!! I NEED SOME MORE!!!)

Sunday is “recover from my hangover day”

Busy, busy, busy!

you know, my brain it goes fast and when it starts to go too fast i get feelings of anxiety. i talked to my doctor and said doctor gimme something to cool me out, gimme a chill pill. but he didn’t. but anyway i sometimes get a lot of anxiety and frustration. i kind of had that this morning but then I saw this picture in the Daily News:



and I just got a chill down my spine. a good chill. if (when) obama wins, i think i might just cry from joy.

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