I am swamped swamped swamped today so I can’t write in rapturous length about the sheer amazingness of the show I saw last night at BAM – the Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Steve Reich evening.

OMG. It is rare that you see something that is almost perfect. Almost as close to perfect as is possible. It was beautiful, simple, complex, profound, absolutely startlingly precise. amazing! go see it if you can. wow!

3 thoughts on “BAM-tastic”

  1. isaac says:

    did you see their version of MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS? Still the best thing I’ve seen in New York. I wept it was so beautiful.

    If you like her, you shoudl check out Trisha Brown who I think it’s safe to say is a formative influence on de Keersmacher and her dancers.

  2. claudia la rocco says:

    My thoughts exactly, Andy – on the amazing and the swamped swamped swamped (remind me again when the fall rush ends??!). Here’s my way-too-short take:

  3. anthonyhampton says:

    hey Andy,

    i mailed you about this but not sure if i’ve got the right address. I wrote:

    They were just in London, and I had seen PIANO PHASE not that long ago, for his 70th birthday celebrations that they did at the Barbican – before the gig I wrote something about what i remembered of it, which might interest you.

    That piece really did something to me. Even seeing the youtube clips I end up shivering.

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