Um. Okay. I’m running around like a madman between day job and other job(s). 

Briefly – my Under The Radar report thus far:

Tim Crouch’s ENGLAND at the Chelsea Art Museum: Genius!! Don’t Miss. Seriously – it is beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, intricate and surprising. Thoughtful exploration of art, humanity, global politics, the meaning of life and the impact of science, economics, museums and war. Delightful. Well-acted. Well-written.  A gift to the audience.  Go. Go. Go. After the rote, stale, unimaginative Cherry Orchard what a delight to be engaged, surprised, moved, touched and transported by this gifted writer/performer in such an intimate and meaningful way. Good on ya!

LIGA – quite fun, funny, imaginative and surprising. Not as heartbreaking and touching as Kommer, but still great stuff. Love me some Kassys.

Okay – gotta jet. More soon.

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