Other Weekday To-Do’s

Besides Rokia Traore, here are some games for early this week – and all at recession prices. Oh La La!


Monday, Feb 9.

  • Novice Theory at The Night Hotel – 132 W 45th St – $10. 9pm. In short, Novice Theory makes me a little crazy. Incredible each time I get to catch it. And at this venue, it should probably be some fancy-pants swanky-stuff.


Tuesday, Feb 10.

  • Bruce McClure at Light Industry – 220 36th Street in Building 2 of Industry City (new space). $7. 7:30pm. McClure projects abstract films, mic’s the projectors, and then creates sound collage. This should be pretty amazing.
  • Chico Mann at Public Assembly – 70 N. 6th st (wburg) $8. doors at 9pm. It’s what’s really good.
  • Fake Male Voice (Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio) just around the corner at Glasslands – 289 Kent Ave. (thx Ultra8201)

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