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Open Spectrum Critical Community Dialogues: Navigating Privilege

On Monday, December 7th, at 7:30 p.m., New York Live Arts will host the second of a series of Open Spectrum Community Dialogues, produced in association with MAPP International Productions. Culturebot, as critical partner, reached out to each participant to publish contextual essays both prior to and post dialogue, and we

January Dispatches

Culturebot dance writers catch up: Jack Fervor, Raja & Tzeta, John Jasperse, My Barbarian.

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100 Free Trips To Graz (Arts & Politics Camp)

The “Truth is Concrete” grant program – covering travel, accommodation and food – invites 100 students, artists, activists and theorists interested in artistic strategies in politics from all over the world to Graz for an arts & politics conference being convened adjacent to the steirischer herbst festival.