What Birds Can Teach Us about Life on Earth

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Lindsay Browning and Kathryn Raines created and perform Human Realm | Earth in Isaiah Zagar’s newest space—an immense South Philly warehouse covered entirely in the artist’s iconic mosaics. The fanciful, swirling, glimmering designs encompass both the expansiveness of the universe and the passion, grit, and creative potential of a human life. The glitter of fragmented mirrors calls to mind transcendence, but also reflects back to us tiny pieces of our earthly selves.

Human Realm | Earth embodies the same vastness and complexities as the space it inhabits. In it we see fiery passion, desperate failing, and tender hope. It soars into outer space and plunges deep into human consciousness.

Upon arrival, we are invited to explore the warehouse, lit by candles and the soft glow of other-worldly chandeliers (created by Warren Muller). A nest of twigs and pillows is set, but the only performer is a small bird, billed in the program as Wally Bird, in an ordinary cage. Wally is joined by Sheila Zagar, whose dark and mystifying dance sets the tone for the performance to come. Every cell of her being seems to expand and contract as she relates to the bird; imploring, giving, blessing, cursing.

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