Go See Reggie Watts. Now.

Whoa.  Reggie Watts just blew my mind.  Go see him in his limited engagement at HERE Arts Center.  For real.  His one-man show Fait Accompli Primer is playing Sat, Feb 21 at 10:30 and Sun, Feb 22 at 7.

Watts, a recent Creative Capital grantee, toggles between a desert-dry monologue and laying wickedly smooth beat-box/scat/hip-hop tracks which he mixes himself live.  His text seems to pull from a free-associating corporate inspirational speaker.  Quips like “What’s your think pose?” come out and grab you by the cubicles.  It has whispers of The Yes Men but we all get to be in on the joke this time.

Apparently, this was national “Bring Your Falsetto to the Sound Board Week.”  Fake Male Voice, a new side-project for Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio front-man) played on Tuesday at Glasslands and made me totally bananas.  I’m really hoping for these two to go on tour together.

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