Last week highlights

Last week was incredible.  Rokia Traore at le poisson rouge was just perfect.  Mixing traditional African and blues with a punk sensibility, she had everyone on their feet going crazy (myself and Andy included).  At first, everyone was a bit passive, till she reminded us that we were being quite “aristocratic,” sitting quietly while the performer sang for them.  By the end, audience members were on stage, one after the other, to dance with the band and tip them.

Friday night was a real hoot-n-a-holler at Tingle Tangle, the kid-sister of Weimar New York.  It ended up being a bon voyage to Justin Bond who is about to go abroad.  If you have ever seen the forever-posing Pixie Harlots, you’ll be quite impressed to hear that they actually rehearsed a number, and it was amazing.  The real highlight of the evening, however, was the infamous boy-lesque dancer Tigger’s performance.  It was the filthiest thing I’ve seen on stage in a long time, and for this, I tip my hat.  I can’t really get into it, but it involved a wedding gown, a ring, and oversized props.  When I explained the act to my friend, he was certain the performance was illegal.  Goddess bless Tigger.

And Goddess Bless Sandy Denny covers…

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