Shhhh… It’s a Surprise!


Made for TV: The Collected Works of Tom Rubnitz

Wednesday, Feb 18 at 7:30 at Light Industry in Brooklyn.

Hordes of 20-somethings have invaded New York City after watching endless hours of Sex and the City. For me, video-artist Tom Rubnitz was my beacon to Big City Lights. Dreams of whippets, John Sex, slapped together sparkle-props, and tranny mayhem in Tompkins Square Park filled my head… and with a splash more economic decay and a fistfull of pills, dreams could become (sur)reality once more.

In the meantime, re-live the Golden Days of Gender F*%& tonight at Light Industry. They will be screening over a dozen short films, including Rubnitz’ youtube hits and Wigstock: The Movie! If you’ve got an art hard-on right now for Ryan Trecartin, it’s definitely worth the hike into Brooklyn to see the master at work.

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