>It’s cold outside!

We’re warm inside!

At PULSEWAVE We dance all sides!

ANAMANAGUCHI make us jump to the right!

CHIBI-TECH make us boogie boogie boogie!

SASKROTCH make us bump bump bump!

STARSCREAM make us swish to the left!

We face forward!

NOTENDO and VBLANK wow our eyes!

Meet us at THE TANK, February 28th at 9:00pm!


Saturday, February 28th 2008 Doors at 9:00pm (First Act: 9:30pm)

The Tank 354 W. 45th Street (between 8th and 9th Aves)

BY SUBWAY A, C, E, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 3, B, D, F, V, S, or 7 to 42nd Street



Anamanaguchi is a four-piece melodic, chiptune punk band from New York City. Combining 8-bit synthesized sounds into a soundscape of raw guitars and live drums, they create a powerful, energetic sound that rests somewhere between organic and robotic. The band, started in 2003 by then 15 year old Peter Berkman, released their debut on New York net-label 8bitpeoples in 2006. Anamanaguchi’s new album, Dawn Metropolis will be released soon through the Normative Music Company.



What happens when you fuse the tinkering mind of an old ham radio fogey with the subtle attention-grabbing verve of a chubby cosplaying otaku? Lose the wrinkles and the fat, yet keep the persistence and the geekiness… and you get Chibi-Tech! From Amiga makes to Akiba maids, he mixes in old-skool trackerscene knowledge with new-skool moé/denpa melodies into a bag of candy-coated audible love. He’s mostly known for his creative approaches on exploiting soundchips — notably his ability to articulate innocent NES pulsewaves into surprisingly coherent voices that would make any teal-haired vocal idol singer robot blush with envy.

Chibi-Tech has more recently composed music for videogames, notably his chiptune works for the Japanese PlayStation 2 ‘Zero no Tsukaima’ shoot-em-up games. His music are also featured in various compilations, including “PSYVARIAR: THE MIX” and “Squarewave Surfers: Memory of 8bit”.



noteNdo (Jeff Donaldson) began working with prepared NES consoles back in 2001 with the intent to create animation entirely with his own hardware hacks. There is no new code involved, only raw, machine logic. This work has led to international recognition in new media art and a continuing pursuit of the untapped potential of rewiring consumer electronics to create fresh, new work. In addition, noteNdo has recently begun digging into LSDJ, writing his own brand of 4bit dance crunch for the Nintendo Game Boy.



Saskrotch, birthname Nigel Shields, was born in San Mateo, California and shortly moved to Oak Park, IL where he spent his formative years. As a youth he helped an old gypsy woman free her shoe from a muddy bank and for his kindness was granted a silver key (luggage-sized). This allowed him passage into the copperstone tea tunnels beneath Kaybridge station where he found his first 8-Bitule 12mb “Memory Pipe.” The rest is history. Sometimes known as “The King of Fake-Bit,” he is not one to worship shadows.



Although the original plan was to be a Phish cover band, Starscream ended up being a two piece that makes it’s music using gameboys running LSDJ cartridges alongside a drum set. George Stroud (drums and programming) and Damon Hardjowirogo (programming and bass) started their work as a band in September (2007), and since have been extremely active in playing shows in the New York City high school music circuit. Their first album, Light EP, was recorded with Beautiful Records.

Both members are also active in the New York screen printing ring, and are constantly making t-shirts (including for the band) and even the cases for their second album, Ghost//Stars. In 2008, Starscream signed to Matthew McConaughey’s record label, J.K. Livin’, and gained observers seats in the UN’s general assembly hall.



VBLANK is a live media project by Wil Lindsay. Wil lives and plays in Philadelphia, where he teaches Interactive Media at Philadelphia University. He is the first resident artist at Philadelphia’s The Hacktory, and creates installation and performative visual work that can be seen regionally and throughout the country. Venues for Wil’s work include the recent 2008 Siggraph “Slow Arts” exhibition in Los Angeles, a solo exhibition “Locating Memory” at The Science Center in Philadelphia, and the 2008 Blip Festival.

VBLANK live video is created entirely real-time from small custom circuits and microcontrollers. The name VBLANK is derived from the code used to create NTSC video on many old game systems and the chip-based video synth used for this project. In video programming, we spend the majority of our time waiting for the television’s vertical blank (or “VBLANK”) to happen so we can quickly draw things on the screen.


8bitpeoples is currently looking for interns!

8bitpeoples, an artist collective and netlabel focusing on chipmusic and related art forms, is looking for interns to assist with day-to-day operations. 8bitpeoples releases music online, on CD, and has spearheaded chipmusic-related events in the New York City area and elsewhere, including  the monthly PulseWave event series and the annual Blip Festival. Interns will get a glimpse into the operations of an unconventional and pioneering independent label, and will have an integral role in helping to shape its future.  

Duties will include:

– Filling orders and shipping product

– Liaising with customers regarding orders

– Communicating with artists

– Assisting with event planning for NYC and International shows

– Providing website and newsletter content updates

Past experience is encouraged, familiarity with the chipmusic scene and enthusiasm for moving it forward is a must!

Send a brief e-mail to internships@8bitpeoples.com explaining why you should be considered for the role, include a resume only if relevant. You need to be able to commit to 10-12 hours a week ON-SITE (midtown Manhattan), starting ASAP.


The Tank

354 W. 45th Street (btw 8th and 9th Aves)

A, C, E, to 42nd Street

1, 2, 3, S, 7 to Time Square 

Founded in 2003, The Tank is a non-profit arts presenter whose mission is to provide a welcoming, creative, collaborative, and affordable environment for artists and activists engaged in the pursuit of new ideas. Through a wide range of low-cost, high-concept arts and public affairs programming, The Tank seeks to cultivate a new generation of audience for live performance, civic discourse, and the work of emerging artists.

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