SITE Fest in Bushwick!

Arts in Bushwick presents a multi-venue interactive performance spectacular!

Arts in Bushwick is pleased to announce Bushwick Spectators Interacting with Temporal Entertainments (SITE Fest), a two-day interdisciplinary event highlighting the diversity of performance in Bushwick. SITE arises in response to the amazing outpouring Arts in Bushwick receives every year for BETA Spaces and Open Studios, giving performance artists the opportunity to display work in a collaborative environment. Encompassing theatre, dance, music, and other forms of live art, SITE seeks to expand the interaction between spectators and spectacle, as both creators and visitors move through a plethora of spaces, media, and styles.

SITE Fest focuses around four hub spaces: Chez Bushwick, the Bushwick Starr, Grace Exhibition Space, and Lumenhouse. All four represent major forces in the Bushwick art scene; additionally, each offers its own clear curatorial presence and voice. The hubs will be divided by genre: Chez Bushwick will feature primarily dance; the Bushwick Starr primarily theatre; Grace Exhibition Space primarily technology-focused pieces, and Lumenhouse a range of mixed-genre performances.

In addition to the hub events, performances will take place in a variety of alternative spaces: apartments, studios, street corners, and within galleries, including Ad Hoc Art and Grace Exhibition Space. This offers spectators the opportunity to engage across genre and audience-structure, encouraging a dialogue about the nature of performance and the parts we play within its various contexts.

In conjunction with SITE Fest, Arts in Bushwick is excited to announce ionSOUND: a two day music festival at Goodbye Blue Monday, one of Bushwick’s hotspots for live music. ionSOUND will take place on March 7 & 8 as well, with performances from 4 PM – 1 AM on the 7th, and 4 PM – 11 PM on the 8th.

In keeping with our mission of neighborhood sustainability and accessibility, Arts in Bushwick is also producing a panel discussion on local political engagement within the Bushwick arts community as part of SITE. SITE Fest will conclude with an after-party at 3rd Ward from 9 PM – midnight on March 8, where artists and spectators alike can congregate to discuss the events of the day, breaking down the “fourth wall” separation for drinks and dancing together.

Programs for SITE Fest containing a map and a complete listing of exhibits and events are available online. Admission (suggested donation) will be $5 per hub show; $10 for a day pass; or $15 for a weekend pass. Tickets and passes are available through They can also be purchased at hub spaces during the event itself. Performances taking place outside of hub spaces will be free of charge.

For further information on SITE Fest, please, or contact Chloë Bass For further information on ionSOUND, please contact Todd Leibowitz

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