noemie lafrance comes home

HOME. The body as place

A site-specific performance (using the body as the site)

by Noémie Lafrance


WHEN:        April 1-5, 8-12 at 7:30 & 9:30 PM (Wednesday – Sunday)

WHERE:     For tickets & location –

TICKETS:   $45 Priority, $30 Regular, $15 Student

CONTACT:  (718) 302-5024 

Site-specific choreographer Noémie Lafrance, known for her large-scale site-specific work staging urban architecture and public spaces, uses the body as the performance site in her new solo work:  Home. The Home performances invite the audience to convene around the body, interact with the performer and explore the body as a place. Home is a progressive work that has evolved in open rehearsals and is in continuing development throughout this performance series with the participation of the audience. 


Home introduces the audience members to an intimate experience of the human body, calling their attention to the physical confines of our inner and outer selves. Interactions with the audience construct a ritualized event, transporting the participants into a journey through the physical realm.  By way of a series of mise en scene that depict the micro and the macro body(ies), the subject and object body(ies), the body(ies) as public vs. private space, Home unfolds as a surreal and sensual voyage on the body’s infinite landscapes.  Home is conceived, choreographed and written by Noémie Lafrance, produced by Natalie Galazka and presented by Sens Production. Performers include NoémieLafrance, Maré Hieronimus and Celeste Hastings, with original sound by Brooks Williams, lighting by Thomas Dunn and props by Carlos Ancalmo.  

Site-specific Choreographer Noémie Lafrance is best known for having reopened the historic McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn with her ambitious works Agora & Agora II (2005-06) and for the choreography of the Grammy Award-nominated FEIST “1234” video.  Previous works include Noir (2004), part of the Whitney Biennial, staged in the Essex Municipal Parking Garage, and two-time Bessie Award winning Descent (2001-03), performed in the stairwell of the New York City Court Building Clock Tower.  Her work Melt, originally created in 2003 at the Black & White Gallery in Brooklyn has toured to festivals internationally.  In 2008, Lafrance was commissioned to create Rapture using the architecture of the Frank Gehry designed Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College in the Hudson Valley, NY.  A series of Rapture performances sponsored by Tiffany & Co. is being developed by Ms. Lafrance to stage other Gehry designs worldwide.  


SENS Production is an award winning non-profit experimental arts organization founded by Ms. Lafrance in 2001. SENS’ mission is to create and produce innovative site-specific dance performances that both engage audiences in spatial participation and explore the dynamic of movement in public spaces by integrating choreography into urban landscapes.

Home is produced by Sens Production and is made possible, in part, by public funds from the Canada Council for the Arts, New York State Council for the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and from the support of many individuals.

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