feel the realness

i’ve been busy so i’m behind the curve on this one but i want to chime in on Big Art Group‘s SOS at the Kitchen. I, for one, loved it. It is the Big Artiest of all their shows, the culmination of years of work and tinkering and refining the formula. this pitch perfect blend of avant-garde experimental gender-fuck nightclub multimedia vapid consumer culture electric kool aid acid test for the information age just hits the G spot in the middle of your cerebellum.

i ran into someone at the show who had never seen Big Art Group’s work before and they asked me before it started, “is there any there, there?” and i said, “it depends on what you mean by there.” and after SOS I can say that there absolutely is a there there, insofar as anyone can point at any one physical manifestation of the nexus of spacetime and say “Look! There’s the internet!!” It is a constantly shifting, overwhelming, information-rich, disorienting always-on there that is nowhere at all and everywhere at once. it is elliptical and always on the verge of meaning something more than what it seems to mean. It is vapid and it is deep, it is meaningless and it is profound, it is evil and it is benevolent, it is the all-one and the all-encompassing nihil. it is the alpha and omega and the persistently recurrent now. it is little explosions of enlightenment in a cacophony of illusion and ignorance, it is a stolen glimpse of transcendental bliss amidst an unstoppable visual parade of gore, violence and distraction. It is the pop song that is just like every other pop song, the “burrito” that is only referencing burrito-ness without any essential burrito-reality, it is the television show called realness that is a simulacrum of a simulation of reality which references simulations and unquestioned manufactured “reality” constructs. it is maya and it is brahman. David Commander is the new Jim Morrison. Mikeah Jennings is the new Marilyn Monroe. Submit. Relax. Don’t look at it as the end, just another transition. only set to a fleetwood mac remix with a fierce beat and max bass that will make you want to dance all night. SOS. SOS. SOS.

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