Chris’ Nona’s DVD Realease Party! (Today/Sat/4/10/2008)

Sorry for the brief absence but I have been on the run from the Credit Card Police.  Just got a reprieve in the form of a .99% APR balance transfer.  Woo-hooo!  I’m going to celebrate by attending the Depression Cooking DVD release party at the Brooklyn Kitchen.  If you don’t know about this Youtube phenomenon then you are not cool enough to attend (i.e. this is not a bunch of black clad wrist-slashers exchanging Gothy Wicken recipies.)

I think the gathering is from 7pm to 9pm.  I texted Clara but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

The Brooklyn Kitchen is on 616 Lorimer Street (Brooklyn 11211) the corner of Skillman and Lorimer (2nd stop on the L).

I have some retroactive posts coming.  Just have to upack from the EuroTour.

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