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Red Carpet Muncher 2: Ivan as Cartman, your mom as Kyle & the elusive Mr. Pussy

To those readers flipping the stations of their microaerophile attention spans, X-TINA, a short film directed by yours temporarily, was in the marginalia (literally the basement) at Cannes Film Fest but there nonetheless. This event, held annually for two weeks in May, is over ergo rendering this screed not so much a blog entry but more like a redactive memoir or advice column from the rotting corpses of my former selves. It is, as I am, not bad (meaning: talent-free) as much as naughty.

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Paola's Gig on Wednesday, May 26

My homegirl Paola Prestini from VIA and the Yard has a gig with three other composers this Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 8:00 PM at The Greene Space 44 Charlton Street (corner of Varick) 1 train to Houston, C/E to Spring If you can’t get

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Cynthia Hopkins: Essential Viewing

AKA that spacesuit show Tarbot’s been working on You will dig this show I just saw if you, like me, have cremative diffuifulties, like with writing n’ schtuff… Or like you can’t like articulate yourself good enough to get a job… Or you can’t break