Paola's Gig on Wednesday, May 26



My homegirl Paola Prestini from VIA and the Yard has a gig with three other composers this Wednesday,
May 27, 2009 at 8:00 PM
at The Greene Space
44 Charlton Street (corner of Varick)
1 train to Houston, C/E to Spring

If you can’t get out the door you can listen to a live broadcast on 93.9 FM.

You can also listen to the composers’ pieces here:

And you can book tickets, which are FREE, here:

Man, I am making this too easy for you guys. Gonna have to find something unenjoyable and difficult to get to for those of you that insist on being cranky. Live a little!

Oh yeah, I heard of this great way to get over Writer’s Block; it’s called CASH!  Somebody write Mr. Roboto a check so he can administer the cure.

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