Totally Gnar Gnar, brah

I love a 420 party.  Remember when you used to take off work for our favorite holiday?
Why stay at home listening to Blind Melon?  Come on down to Dixon Place instead.
Amber Martin in 420: Janis
Presented by Earl Dax and Dixon Place
Monday, April 20
Dixon Place
161 Chrystie Street, NY, NY
“Be-In” at 7:00 pm
(Bring blankets and pillows and enjoy music, videos and psychedelic visuals)
Show at 8:00 pm
Admission $15
( Advance purchase suggested:
Featuring The Pixie Harlots
Lights by Liz Liguori
Musical Direction by Mike Jackson
And a kick-ass band featuring Brad Hill (bass), Mike Jackson (guitar), Mark Levy (drums)
Kenny Mellman (piano)
Less than a month after Janis Joplin died, a baby girl was born in Joplin’s home town of Port Arthur, Texas.  Named Amber Martin, that baby girl is all grown up and has 3 times been the star performer at the annual “Janis Joplin Birthday Bash and Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame” in Port Arthur.  On April 20 (4/20, get it?) Amber and friends will evoke the long dead spirit of Janis in “420: JANIS.”  Amber has chosen less obvious songs to suit discerning NYC pallettes. The Pixie Harlots (“Weimar New York,” Justin Bond’s “Lustre”) provide back up vocals and create their own art onstage with special guest Pixie, Lee Kyle (of the Gender Fluids).  Amber takes the razor blade to her vocal chords (That’s what happens when you sing 1 hour of Joplin songbook.) backed by a full band under the direction of Mike Jackson.  Kenny Mellman makes a very special appearance on piano and Brad Hill and Mark Levy (members of indy New York rock band ‘Katy Mae) play bass and drums.  Doors open at 7:00 pm for a “Be-in.”  Bring pillows and blankets and claim your spot on the Dixon Place knoll (i.e. floor) and enjoy 60’s music, videos and psychedelic visuals.  Alice B. Toklas brownies not included.  Don’t miss this extraordinary event!

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