Party with The Wooster Group

After the April 24 performance of LA DIDONE there will be a massive benefit party for the Wooster Group. RAWK!!!!

FISCHERSPOONER DJ SET will be from 10pm-2am. There’s gonna be free booze and some munchies. In line with the stripped down party atmosphere are the ticket prices: $50 for the party only, $100 to see that show that night and come to the party, $150 to get the best seats at the show and come to the party. There’s not going to be an auction,  raffle or probably even speeches. (RADICAL BENEFIT IDEA! YAY!) The idea is to come and celebrate our run of LA DIDONE with the entire LA DIDONE company (including your favorite Wooster Group members and associates). Come hobnob with the Woosterians!


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