Red Fly Blue Bottle

Hey All – if you haven’t seen Red Fly/Blue Bottle yet, you should check it out. Its a fascinating and poetic work, we featured it in PRELUDE two years ago and they’re now concluding their HARP residency showing the final version. Christina Campanella’s music is lovely and haunting, Stephanie Fleischmann’s writing is elliptical and intriguing, Mallory Catlett’s direction is as comprehensive and nuanced as ever, completely creating a hermetic dreamscape world. Check it out – here’s what The New York Times is saying about RED FLY/BLUE BOTTLE:

“…moody, driving music… lyrical monologues, otherworldly videos and an ingeniously eerie set… [Red Fly/Blue Bottle is] a purposefully elusive work, a poetic meditation…”

Also, this in BUST Magazine

“Crazy Creepy Cool—Eye candy, fantastically creepy music, and an expert dash of steampunk fill the stage in this deliciously haunting concert… They’re a ridiculously talented group…”

Hope you will see /hear what they’ve made. Link for tix below – also …**Use this special CAST15 discount [$15 tix] for this Sunday Matinee @ 4:00PM**

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