Metal Machine Trio

Take that, Top 40 fan!! F. U.!  Lou Reed’s big birdflip to the music industry:

Now available LIVE:


Lou Reed Illo from New Yorker

Lou Reed Illo from New Yorker


From the New Yorker:


127 E. 23rd St. (877-598-8694)—April 23-24: Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio.In 1975, Reed released one of the most inaccessible records of all time, “Metal Machine Music,” a sprawling double album of harrowing noise. Using that album as its crucial signifier, this group—Reed, the avant-garde tenor saxophonist Ulrich Krieger, and the Fingerboard Continuum manipulator Sarth Calhoun—runs a vocals-free, envelope-pushing gamut between cacophonous industrial din and meditative ambient music. Posters around town advertising this gig bear a stern disclaimer: “No Songs.” Fans expecting “Walk on the Wild Side” should walk on by.

OH!!! and I just found out that students can purchase tickets for half-price with a student ID. GO GET SCHOOLED YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS!!!

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