The Obies are BACK!

So I was headed out of Webster Hall when a drunk and adorable Brooke O’Harra hugged me and said, “Remember to write that I was drunk! And adorable!” God bless you Brooke and everyone else tonight – the Obies are back in all their drunken, downtown, messy glory.


photo by carleigh welsh

photo by carleigh welsh

The beauty shots by Culturebot’s official fotog are soon to be posted, but if this is any indication you can see what I’m talking about. And if you were following my twitter stream, you know who won. Major acknowledgement for some serious downtown stalwarts – HERE Arts Center and Chocolate Factory both won awards, James Suggs won for Chekhov Lizardbrain,  Soho Rep – Sarah Benson – Louisa Thompson won for Blasted.

Webster Hall was decked out in all its seedy glory – we saw EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE. Of course, after the Soho Rep benefit we decided to stay relatively sober and get home in time to write this up. So at this early hour I can only assume that most of the celebrants are still getting messy!

Full list of winners to come but in brief – we got to the show around 6:45PM and saw tons of friends old and new. In the “step and repeat” line we got to have a brief, if awkward, chat with our old college colleague Brian d”Arcy James who was one of this year’s presenters.  Captain Janeway was there and this year’s hosts Martha Plimpton (werk!) and Daniel Breaker were hi-larious and lively. It was a glorious, messy, drunken affair just like it should be. Even crotchety schoolmarm Michael Feingold seemed to appreciate the chaos and sequins.

Earle Hyman, winner of the lifetime achievement award, was stately and insightful in his remarks, even as he hit on Anne “Smokin’!” Hathaway.

RUINED won the first three awards, Stephen Sondheim won, all kinds of folks. Like I said, more info and pix to come. Because  a picture is worth a thousand words!!

Thank you Village Voice for waking up and bringing back the Obies we know and love! A drunken theaterfest orgy of downtown debauchery god bless us, every one!!

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