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The Obies are BACK!

So I was headed out of Webster Hall when a drunk and adorable Brooke O’Harra hugged me and said, “Remember to write that I was drunk! And adorable!” God bless you Brooke and everyone else tonight – the Obies are back in all their drunken,

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See the Obies! Live

Okay so this year, for the first time ever, you can see the OBIES live. It is this upcoming MONDAY, MAY 19TH AT 8PM, webcast live from Webster Hall at 8pm. Log on to www.villagevoice.com/obies or www.iclips.net Let’s just hope they edit the broadcast as

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TONY Travesty

We don’t cover the Broadway scene, it’s not our beat, but we’re completely bummed that downtown luminaries Kiki & Herb lost the Special Theatrical Event Tony to a ventriloquist. Really, Tony voters? We’re happy for Jay Johnson and all (we guess), but if you can