Lewis Forever at the New Museum

LEWIS FOREVER is in residence at the New Museum for the month of June, presenting new work in progress every Thursday night at 7pm.

Check out this video:

The Lewises kick off the first week of their residency this Thursday by inviting you into their family, serving you dinner, reenacting highlights from their previous hits, delivering a Powerpoint presentation that illuminates the embellished origins of their clan, and making up their minds as they go along. They make a mess. You’ll eat it up.

LEWIS FOREVER is a performance collective of four siblings: three sisters and a brother; a director, two dancers, and a musician. Living half in New York and half in Europe, half Dominican and half Jewish American, LF is both a performance collective and a bloodline. LF is interested in the family structure as a site for recasting the molds that shape our understandings of the world.

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