Miguel Gutierrez opens at DTW

Opening Tuesday, and running till Sept 19, Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People will be showing their first group piece since 2007.  Always provocative on stage, on a panel, or leading DEEP AEROBICS, Miguel is sure to start the DTW season off with a bang.  The newest piece Last Meadow was inspired by James Dean movies.

From Miguel:

Last Meadow is a new evening length piece using original choreography and writing mixed with stuff from James Dean’s three movies to look at the myth of America the father, and confusion as a potentially transformative, sensory-enlivened state.
I wanted to make a piece about misinterpretation. Why? I travel too much and don’t understand where I am, what people are saying, or how I feel. I thought about how people don’t get dance, and how great it is that there’s something in the world that people don’t “get.”

The piece had its world premier last week at the TBA Festival.

Be sure to check it out.

Last Meadow

Last Meadow

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