Fusebox Talks: Luke Savisky

In conjunction with the 7th annual Fusebox Festival, a contemporary art and performance festival that takes place in Austin, TX each April, culturebot.org presents Fusebox Talks, a series of interviews and podcasts with the select artists from the festival. This podcast is with Luke Savisky at the Austin Museum of Art; interviewed by Timothy Braun, with additional questions by and Savannah McAnally, recording by Michael Bartnett. You can listen to the podcast here:


Luke Savisky works in both traditional and non-traditional art spaces, creates multi-media installations that transform natural and architectural settings. Exploring the spectrum of the human experience through film and art, he stretches the limits of visual media using found film montage, direct projection techniques, kinetic sets and sculptures, and unusual projection surfaces in unlikely environments. Using vintage film equipment in concert with contemporary digital technology, his installations suggest transition, transmutation, decay, and renewal using oblique montage and abstract light-sculpting techniques. For his New Works project, Austin-based artist Luke Savisky will transform a gallery at the Museum into a mesmerizing immersive environment of light and image.

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