Big Green Theater at Bushwick Starr

Culturebot just heard about a very cool project going on over at The Bushwick Starr. It is called The Big Green Theater Initiative. Big Green Theater (BGT) is a community-based project that combines an environmental education initiative with the presentation of a Green Theater festival. The project begins its educational component in Fall 2010, and will culminate in a performance festival at Bushwick Starr in Spring 2011. The goal is to establish BGT as an annual program. But what is it?

Bushwick Starr will work with local kids in their Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood to create short, original plays about community-based environmental topics. These short plays will then be performed by a group of professional actors- on a full technical scale- at their theater. The kids will be invited to participate in aspects of creating the shows, and can observe the process of using eco-friendly approaches to making theater. They will also, of course, be able to see their writing performed live by adult professionals, and enjoy the fulfillment of seeing their work realized.

The professional theater artists will be challenged to work within the Green Theater movement; i.e: use recycled materials for sets, LED lighting, etc. and the kids will get to learn about environmental concerns in a pro-active, engaging, relevant way.

Sounds cool! Learn more about it here.

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