Sneaky Nietzsche in Los Angeles

We don’t know anything about this other than our friend Diana told us about it and it sounds cool. Are you in Los Angeles? Let us know about it.

SNEAKY NIETZSCHE will open its portal to the public on Saturday evenings from August 21 – September 11, 2010, 9pm-Midnite. SNEAKY NIETZSCHE is an interactive theatrical party and musical experiment set deep in the underbelly of Downtown Los Angeles. The show is co-created by performance artist Sheila Vand and a collective of 25 emerging LA artists. Transforming a 6,000 square foot warehouse into a supernatural urban forest, SNEAKY NIETZSCHE will lead its visitors through an underworld Exploratorium of sound, lights, live music, dance, homemade brews and spirits, costumes and sensual charms. Tickets are $10.

SNEAKY NIETZSCHE strives to create a visceral experience that transcends conventional theatrics and concert displays by awakening the body and distorting the boundaries of imagination. Throughout the evening, hidden creatures encourage exaltation and primitive curiosity by leading visitors through narrative vignettes, environmental explorations, dancing and drinking. Both performers and audience members don handmade masks, blurring the lines of common perception. The evening’s centerpiece is a concept-driven, original live music set composed by Johann Carbajal and performed by a fictional band of real musicians. The haunting, 10-song musical voyage concludes in a giant waltz that visitors are expected to join, followed by a classy celebration that transports visitors back into the reality they came from.

THE CREATORS: Sheila Vand, Johann Carbajal, D’arcy French-Myerson, Alex Gaines, Dorothy Hoover, Alicia Peterson, Emett Casey, Emarie Kohlmoos, Ana Hernandez, Janelle Carbajal, Brit L Manor, Eliza Pastor, Ross Kolton, Darren Rezowalli, Neil Schultz, Justin Coleman, Will Sheehan, Alex Urbom, Ryan Glennan, Ted Jahng, Thomas Bailey, Mike Burrows, Nicholas Monsour, Lesley Fairman, Dago Perez, Grant Harrison, Lou Noble, Laura Taylor, Brianna Carbajal, Vincent Mazza, Star Mendoza, Roger Benford, Kael Sharp, Uncle Sam and maybe you.

SNEAKY NIETZSCHE | Aug 21–Sept 1, Saturdays @ 9pm-Midnite | $10 Tickets
799 Towne Ave, LA, CA 90021 |

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