Duffy and Malloy present Murder In The Cathedral

Alec Duffy and Dave Malloy have joined forces again for a site-specific production of T.S. Eliot’s Murder In The Cathedral at The Church of St. Joseph in Brooklyn.

The drama recounts the last month in the life of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who faces certain death for his defense of the Church against the crown of England.  As Becket continues in his journey, he confronts the very human drama of individual integrity, the expectations of friendship, and the struggle of will.

This production presents a unique opportunity to experience Eliot’s work in its ideal context: an architectural wonder, built for the sweeping dramatic meditation that the play inspires. For the production, the newly refurbished cathedral of this century-old Prospect Heights institution will be filled with drama, music, and tremendous artistry, offering a unique theatrical experience in an awe-inspiring space.

Tickets are free, with a suggested donation price of $10.
No advance reservations are necessary.

Part of the proceeds from the production will benefit Brooklyn Arts HQ. Brooklyn Arts HQ is a brand-new non-profit educational organization that offers community-based performance experiences for audiences. With a special focus on cultivating engagement among residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, HQ will produce plays, offer arts workshops for young people, and host a range of programming designed to educate, challenge, and inspire. Brooklyn Arts HQ is committed to encouraging collaboration between artists from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, and to maintaining professional and affordable theatrical productions and performing arts resources.

September 16th—October 2
The Church of St. Joseph
856 Pacific Street, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

For more information visit www.murderinthecathedral.com

[Photo Credit: Pictured: Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr., Photo by: Alec Duffy]

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