Check out Time Stands Still at Abrons

I’ve heard that this show is going to be wild! “Time Stands Still” at Abrons November 11-13 | 8 pm. It is an evening of new memories in sound and dance from choreographer Daniel Clifton and composer Chris Lancaster. A re-living and re-writing of their shared past, present, and future, Time Stands Still is a waking dream where love is remembered, lost, and created.

Inspired by the John Dowland song that the title is taken from, Daniel and Chris make connections in spacetime with visuals, costumes, stories, songs, and movement, brought to life and co-dreamed with some of their favorite artists and friends from throughout their lives’ journeys.

A suspended cello becomes the swinging pendulum of a clock, curving sound through an installation and set designed during dreams and sleep-deprived nights. Intimate mini-dramas depict an emotional landscape of altered time, solitude, happiness, and fear. Traveling in time through histories both autobiographical and fictitious, two men search for the present, through beats and music, and through dance and dreams.

Abrons has set up a discount code – “Time” – for $10 tickets!!

More info and tickets here.

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