The Theater of the Future by Meiyin Wang

In the future—this will all be under water.

Old definitions will be drowned out—new and buoyant ones will float.

The term, the idea, of theater will encompass the full spectrum of performance and its possibilities. It will include dances without people, actors without words, visual art installations, object theater, high technology and gaming, choose-your-own adventures, one-on-one interactions, flash mobs, high sensory interactions, rock concerts, radio shows, Broadway spectaculars, stories told in living rooms and fire-lit caves, full and all-consuming environments that will engulf you, one-minute gestures that will change you.

The work will be idiosyncratic, expansive, and could not be replicated in any other experience, or medium. It will not replicate reality but instead turn it on its head to tell us deeper truths.

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