Culturebot’s Weekend Plans: March 18, 2011

Via Negativa's "Out," March 18 at La MaMa, part of the Perforations NY Festival.

Andy is shocked: what’s all that empty white space in his Google calendar? Does he really have no shows scheduled this weekend? Andy Horwitz? Wow! When’s the last time that happened? He’s considering using the chance to catch Trisha Brown at Dance Theater Workshop tonight. Or maybe getting the hell out of the city for a bit.

Tuesday, Maura was at Yvonne Rainier’s dress rehearsal, Wednesday she caught Vicky Schick at The Kitchen, last night she arrived too late (after struggles with signal issues on the N,Q,R line and hellish St. Patrick’s Day cab slogs) to see Laurie Berg and Aynsley Vandenbroucke’s shared program at Danspace. So, tonight she might bail out of reminding her children of what their mother looks like so she can get back down there for it, because tomorrow she wants to get up to Arthur Avile’s BAAD (Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance) Ass Women’s Dance Fest where Marya Wethers (among others) is on the program. Oh and will probably drag her daughter to see the 4pm screening of Merce Cunningham’s film with Elliot Kaplan, Deli Commedia at Douglas Dunn’s Studio–after which Douglas and David Parker, curator for the “Rhythm & Humor” portion of Danspace Project’s “Body Madness” Platform, will debate the finer points of wit versus humor. And, then she may begin treating this addiction her friend says she has to seeing everything all the time. Obviously, not an appreciator of culture vultures…

Alyssa plans to laugh–or at least chuckle–her way into spring this weekend with Tom Shillue’s Supernormal at PS122. She’ll also take in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors at BAM, performed the way it was back in the Bard’s day–in drag–by all-male British theater troupe Propeller.

Also heading north to BAAD is Jeremy Finch, who plans to check out “Dykes Draw the Line,” featuring LGBT comic book artists.

Jeremy M. Barker is back at La MaMa tonight and tomorrow for Via Negativa at the Perforations NY Festival. Bring on the crazy Croatian performance art! Boo-ya!

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