Culturebot’s Weekend Plans: May 6, 2011

This weekend Andy is drinking on Friday night but making up for it by doing a double-header on Saturday of Muna Tseng’s show at Danspace and then Heather Kravas at PS122. He is also planning to check out “My Coma Dreams” at Montclair on Sunday at 3PM.

Last night, Jeremy was at PS122 for Heather Kravas’s The Green Surround (it was good; more to come); tonight he has vague plans to make it over to the Kitchen for Emily Roysdon’s A Gay Bar Called Everywhere, Sunday he wants to catch “Publishing Networked Performance,” a panel discussion at PS122 that’s part of the Festival of Ideas for the New City. Oh, and Monday he plans to (finally!) make it to Little Theater at Dixon Place.

Jane had a great time celebrating BAX and cheering on our own Andy Horwitz as he got his pass it on award last night, and tonight is going to danspace to see Muna Tseng’s Stella (who she interviewed in these web pages).

Maura D. caught Jessica Nicoll and Barry Oreck‘s delightful, pointed and dreamy They Might Be Napping part of the Festival of Ideas for the New City at University Settlement last night and is on duty at Hunter yet one more student concert for the rest of the weekend.

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