Drinking Buddy (featuring Marylouise Burke)

Back in the 90’s (I know, it isn’t fair to start out that way) I remember seeing David Clement playing at all kinds of clubs, both solo and with his band. He has always been a gifted song writer and performer. (In addition to his own tunes I remember he did a fantastic cover of the B-52’s “Give Me Back My Man“).

Well I don’t get out as much these days but David Clement is still making work – writing, singing performing and collaborating on new projects. This video for his new song “Drinking Buddy” features the vocal stylings of Marylouise Burke. But what makes it extra cool is it was directed by Kaz Phillips Safer, an artist in her own right and wife of one of downtown theater’s nicest bad boys, Dan Safer (who also appears in the video). Check it out here:

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