A.Bandit at the Kitchen, October 5-6

This looks really interesting:

On Wednesday and Thursday, October 5—6, The Kitchen will present a performance by A.Bandit, an experimental performance art group featuring Los Angeles-based visual artist Glenn Kaino and magician Derek DelGaudio. Titled Experiments from The [Space] Between, the show mixes magical experiments with elements of music, film, and video. A.Bandit will be joined by collaborator DJ Rhettmatic and special guest China Chow.

Derek DelGaudio (L) and Glenn Kaino (R), photo by Christie Hemm

Forming an unusual alliance between art and magic, A.Bandit explores what “imaginative space” is and could be, and how to create it. The duo will lead the audience through a series of hybrid performances that double as exciting and challenging artistic propositions. The show opens with a large-scale illusion piece that Kaino and DelGaudio first performed at Art Los Angeles Contemporary. From there, the night proceeds onto magic trick-laced works like The Mistake Room, The Tyranny of Vision and more. The night concludes with a special appearance from actress China Chow.

A.Bandit is an experimental performance art group consisting of conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and magician Derek DelGaudio. Formed as an extraordinary alliance with the intention of creating a new medium somewhere between art and magic, A.Bandit has performed their psycho-spatial interventions at venues like Soho House in Los Angeles, Art LA Contemporary in Santa Monica, and LA/ART Annex in Hollywood, where they have taken residence for six months, operating their “conceptual magic shop” called The (Space) Between. For more info visit www.abanditship.com.

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