BLOOM! Dance Collective’s CITY

How many dance companies have websites in English, Spanish, Italian and Magyar? Not many. Well, at least one – the BLOOM! Dance Collective. This international ensemble with artists from Hungary, Spain, and Italy will perform its award-winning work CITY, a “bold and politically charged dance-theater piece” at The Abrons Arts Center on April 27–28, 2012 at 8PM.

From the press release:

Founded in 2009 and acclaimed for its sharp wit, BLOOM! draws on the diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds of its members to build thought-provoking collaborative performance pieces. Conceived as a “political pamphlet entwined with movement,” CITY grapples with the dynamics of power, fear, manipulation, and faith, and the consequences of social conformity. Wittily playing with conventions of individual versus group behavior, CITY was created and is performed by Viktória Dányi, Csaba Molnár, Tímea Sebestyén, Moreno Solinas, and Igor Urzelai.

Looks interesting! And if Jay Wegman says it’s good, we’ll trust him.

Following the New York premiere, BLOOM! will perform CITY in Philadelphia (May 3–4), presented by Thirdbird at Arts Bank, and in Pittsburgh (May 10–13) at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, as part of the fourth annual newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival

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