You Can Call Me Frances’ “Undenuck”

It’s some form of friend rock, no doubt, to write this up, but it’s just so brilliantly weird I can’t not help to share it. You Can Call Me Frances is a Irish experimental music outfit formed by a quartet of dancer/choreographers (most of whom, full disclosure, I know or have met): Justine Cooper, Jessica Kennedy, Emma Martin, and Áine Stapleton. Kennedy, along with her twin sister Megan, is co-artistic director of Dublin-based dance company junk ensemble, and Stapleton is one-half of Fitzgerald & Stapleton, the politically conscious movement and performance company that’s been seen in New York at the Chocolate Factory, CPR, and Abrons over the past couple years. You Can Call Me Frances describes itself as having a “dark electro DIY sound,” which I guess is another way of saying its artfully weird pop music, produced through both traditional and electronic instruments, as well as more non-traditional instrumentation that includes the use of saws and badminton rackets, among others. And predictably, their concerts are often subversive cabaret events, as much about the music as the performance. It’s truly strange and kind of hypnotic, as the video for their first single, “Undenuck,” readily demonstrates.

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