GHOSTLIGHT – Richard Move as Martha Graham, The Movie

Oh I remember it well, maybe not so well, those days, back when the streets of the Meatpacking District were filled with girls packing meat and the only clubs in the area were Mother and The Cooler. Jackie 60 was the party to go to where downtown met uptown in all kinds of unexpected ways. It was that heady gender-bender-y mix of high art and drag culture that gave birth to Richard Move’s Martha Graham.

If you saw last season’s “Martha @…The 1963 Interview” at NYLA you will have seen a glimpse of what Mr. Move can do.  If you missed it, you needn’t wait any longer, as GHOSTLIGHT, Christopher Herrmann’s film in which Richard Move gives an extraordinary larger-than-life performance as Martha Graham, the mother of Modern Dance.  Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2003, it has only been seen sporadically. But now you can have it for your very own.

From the press release:

GHOSTLIGHT is an impressionistic homage to Martha Graham, the mother of Modern Dance, portrayed by Richard Move with uncanny accuracy.

The story of her life and art is told through the eyes of a fictitious documentary filmmaker Barbara Rosen (Ann Magnuson – Panic Room, Clear & Present Danger). Martha, notoriously camera shy in real life, reluctantly agrees to let Barbara be the first person to film her creating a new ballet Phaedra, primarily because her dance company desperately needs money to stage her new season. Initially resistant, she slowly opens up to Barbara, inviting her into her tempestuous world, allowing us to see her life of passion for dance.

Graham’s acknowledged genius remains on par with Stravinsky, Einstein and Picasso. She was also a legendary eccentric who bristled with sexuality, anger, passion & humor. Director Herrmann was Graham’s Filmmaker, Biographer and close friend from 1987 to her death in 1991. Special Features include Martha Graham performing her legendary “Lamentation,” Director & Actor Interviews (Produced by MannicMedia), and the Original Theatrical Trailer. Starring Ann Magnuson (Panic Room, Clear & Present Danger) and featuring appearances by Deborah Harry (rock-band Blondie), Isaac Mizrahi (Fashion Designer & TV Personality), and Mark Morris (Dancer, Choreographer & Director), GHOSTLIGHT is a magnificent standout among all other dance films.

Order it from Amazon, and check out the trailer below:

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