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Reality TV is a truly fascinating thing: It takes some putative “slice of life” and turns it into a product which, according to very rigid formulas, amps up the social and emotional conflict of an otherwise banal situation to make it seem more interesting than it really is, in ways which usually have nothing to do with the particulars of whatever life we’re consuming a slice of. But when the subject is your community, it’s truly a fascinating experience. You’re consuming a fake version of your own life, and it’s addictive even as you realize it’s nothing but navel gazing. It works, I’ll be the first to admit, after having weekly watched Russian Dolls at the local Russian lounge when I was living in Bensonhurst. And now the art world is getting their own little taste of it with Gallery Girls, which premiered last night on Bravo. Today, Art Fag City rounds up the huge amount of attention the show’s generated in the art world, from ArtInfo to–yes–no less than five articles from the staff of ArtFagCity. The art world world hasn’t wasted so much critical talent on vapid kitsch since Damien Hirst’s dot paintings.


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