Culturehub’s “Media Circus” Festival This Weekend at La Mama

Just as it’s transformed virtually every other element of our lives, technology is creating new opportunities and avenues for artistic expression, and perhaps nowhere is this transformation being felt more profoundly than in performance. The very concept of liveness itself is evolving as technology collapses geographic space, allowing us to interact with live art from thousands of miles away.

Culturehub, an organization based at La Mama and associated with the Seoul Institute of the Arts, is presenting a festival (opening today, through Sun., Nov. 25; tickets $15) of artists using emerging technology in their work. “Media Circus,” which unfolds live in the Ellen Stewart Theater as well as online (Culturehub is a telepresence organization) showcases the diversity of work being created today. The entire line-up is decidedly worth checking out, but I do want to specifically call out the keystone event on Sat., Nov. 24–A Long Table on “Liveness” and Technology. Culturebot was asked to co-curate a discussion over the implications of technology on the live arts, and have brought media artist Mark Coniglio (telepresent from Berlin), choreographer Mei-Yin Ng, Temporary Distortion director/designed Kenneth Collins, and Adhesive Theater’s Cory Einbinder together with Lois Weaver (who developed the Long Table format), and artists John Jeserun, Marianne Holm Hansen and Josephine Dorado to discuss (over Thanksgiving left-overs) the issues raised by emerging technologies and its implications for how and where we make and present live performance.

As always, the Long Table will be an event open to participation, so please come by and join us, and check out the fantastic offerings of “Media Circus,” which runs through Sunday.


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