AUNTS “Populous” at Chashama

Back in 2003 or so I was briefly homeless and Jmy Leary took me in. We had met when she was working for Sarah Michelson during Shadowmann at P.S.122. We were roomies for a few months until everyone moved at the same time. But that was when I first heard about AUNTS or maybe just heard about the beginnings of AUNTS or something – it is all kind of blurry. AUNTS keeps trucking and it is a great thing. It resists formal didacticism in favor of creating the social conditions for spontaneous, simultaneous creative expression. They’ve got a new thing happening this Thursday. Check it out.

AUNTS populous is is the controlled management of ten separate but simultaneous performances. Delineated by markings on the floor, the edges of the space are parceled off for each performance, with the center parcel designated for the audience. Each performance is allowed unlimited construction of movement, sound, light, and energy within its parcel, within each 45 minute performance.

at chashama
210 E. 43rd Street, Manhattan, New York: map

Thursday, November 29th
TWO 45 minute SHOWS!
8pm and 9pm
Post show festivities to begin at 9:45pm.

Admission is a contribution to the Free Bar where everyone shops and drinks for free all night long or to hurricane Sandy relief efforts.   
Bring anything, like beer, soda, juice, wine, egg nog OR any recommended items for Occupy Sandy.
$$$ donations to be given directly to the artists involved are also appreciated. Put your dollars in the jar by the door or at the FreeBar.

Performances by:
Iris Rose
Geo Wyeth
Becky Serrell Cyr
Ede Thurrell
Luke George
Jessica Cook
Bessie McDonough-Thayer
Elizabeth Ward
Stephen Cooper
Effie Bowen & Lauren Bakst
The Bureau for the Future of Choreography (represented by Evelyn Donnelly, Moriah Evans, Kyli Kleven, Steve May, Rashaun Mitchell, Stina Nyberg, Suzan Polat and Tatyana Tenenbaum)

About AUNTS:
AUNTS is about having dance happen.  The dance you’ve already seen, that pops into your head, that is known and expected and unknown and unexpected. Dance that seeps into the cracks of street lights, subway commotion, magazine myth, drunk nights at the bar, the family album, and the couch where you lay and softly glance at the afternoon light coming in through the window. AUNTS constantly tests a model of producing dance/performance/parties. A model that supports the development of current, present, and contemporary dancing. A model that expects to be adopted, adapted, replicated, and perpetuated by any person who would like to use it.  Where performing can last five seconds or five hours; never a “work in progress.” Where the work of performing is backed by the “land of plenty” rather than “there is not enough.” Where the work of AUNTS defies the regulation of institution, capitalism, and consumerism. AUNTS is about being gracious in this world.

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