The Long Table on “Liveness” and Technology at Culturehub’s Media Circus

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Many, many thanks to all the good people at Culturehub who invited us to co-curate a Long Table event at their weekend-long Media Circus, showcasing an amazing variety of art-and-technology initiatives and techniques pointing toward the future of art and performance. It was fascinating and we were deeply pleased to take part. Thanks as well to Cory Einbinder, Mei-Yin Ng, Kenneth Collins, and Mark Coniglio (who was unable to fully join via video) as well as all the other participants who took part. It was also–on a personal level–deeply gratifying to get to co-host a Long Table with the form’s creator, Lois Weaver, after presenting several. Please see how we did by watching the video above (there’s a long intro)!

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